3:30 pm15:30

Det humanistiske fakultet: Filip-André Baarøy intervju med Áine Mangaoang

"Fanger måtte danse som Michael Jackson. Oppstilt danser fangene i det filippinske fengselet til «Thriller».  – Musikk er et effektivt maktmiddel, sier forsker Áine Mangaoang."

Article by Fillip-André Baarøy for the University of Oslo's Humanities Faculty website, available here (in Norwegian). 

Accompanying short interview: "Musikk kan brukes til tortur // Music can be used for torture" available here (in English). 

Published July 4, 2017. 

Society for Musicology in Ireland: Career Forum
12:00 pm12:00

Society for Musicology in Ireland: Career Forum

  • University College Dublin

The Society for Musicology in Ireland: Second SMI Careers Forum on Thesis Completion & Publishing

The Joint Society for Musicology Ireland / International Council for Traditional Musics Postgraduate Conference, University College Dublin

Further information can be found here

Details of the careers forum, including links to graduate journals and funding sources, the speakers’ biographies, and acknowledgements here

Please see the Careers Forum Archive for previous SMI Careers Fora.

2:00 pm14:00

UCD Seminars in Musicology Series 2016-17

  • School of Music

Public Seminar: "Popular music research today: from Beyoncé and music mapping to prison rehabilitation"

Hosted by the School of Music, University College Dublin. 

Further information can be found here. 

9:00 am09:00

Bey Day: A One Day Conference on Beyoncé

  • Cardiff University

Keynote Speaker: "Visualising Beyoncé: Intersectionality and the Art of Signed Song"

The conference is co-organised by Cardiff University’s Schools of Music and Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies with interdisciplinary funding from the University’s Graduate College.

Further information can be found here

10:00 am10:00

Music, Photographs & Stories from the Archives

  • Open Eye Gallery

Public exhibition, discussion and live music event.

The event includes an exhibition of items from two of Liverpool’s hidden archives, the Institute’s Popular Music Archive and Open Eye Gallery’s archive, selected and curated by project participants. Live jazz from the Martin Smith Quartet will soundtrack the afternoon, along with new remixes from our vinyl archive by DJs Adam Sadiq and Ben Riley. The event closes with a public discussion on the meaning of music, photography and materiality in the digital era.

Co-hosted by the Institute of Popular Music Archive (University of Liverpool), Liverpooljazz, & the Open Eye Gallery. 

Further information can be found here

10:30 am10:30

Fyrsta íslenska ráðstefnan um dægurtónlistarfræði // The first conference on Icelandic popular music studies

  • University of Iceland

Guest speaker and panellist, with Nick Prior, Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen,  Davíð Ólafsson, Emily Baker, Viðar Halldórsson, Þorbjörg Daphne Hall and Pál Ragnars Pálssonar. 

Conference co-hosted by Háskóli Íslands (University of Iceland) and Listaháskóla Íslands (Iceland Academy of the Arts)



Apr 17

British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference

  • University of Kent

Panel Chair & Organiser: "Applying Digital, Ecological, and Experimental Methodologies to Fieldwork," with Leonieke Bolderman, Matt Brennan, Thorbjorg Daphne Hall, and John O'Flynn. 

Further information can be found here